Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pat Garrett Marker

The city of Las Cruces is considering the approval of a 1,703.9 acre subdivision on the East Mesa south of Hwy 70 called "The Vistas at Presidio II."

Unknown to virtually everyone in Las Cruces, this block contains a marker built by Jarvis Garrett to memorialize the spot where his Dad was shot. Jarvis Garrett is the youngest son of Pat Garrett. is the lawman who is most famous for having shot .

A local organization called has been formed "to ensure that the site where the death occurred is set aside for a memorial to Pat, and that the marker set up by Jarvis is retained and protected." Their web site is:

Here's what the marker looks like:

Pat Garrett was shot February 28, 1908. You can see "Feb 1908" carved in the marker in this closeup:

Photos courtesy of Friends of Pat Garrett.

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Blogger fcelp said...

I've visited the Pat Garrett marker in Las Cruces as well as his grave. Both are historical sites you don't want to miss.

Best Wishes,

Emilio Martinez

Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning
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Las Cruces, NM 88007


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